MOU signing CCS for the Americas

The University of Miami Center for Computational Science for the Americas (CCSAM) at the Yucatan IT Innovation Center will become the Research & Development platform for all the technology initiatives in Latin America requiring high performance computing. The Center will focus on Big Data research as it relates to Smart Cities, Healthcare Transformational Technologies, Energy and the Environment.  


CCSAM aims to become a major regional force for catalyzing technology initiatives in Latin America, by engaging academia, decision makers, and business leaders to rethink and transform the status quo.


CCSAM is creating an environment to foster and catalyze innovative research, technology, academic and education projects that leverages the combined strengths of the regional research entities of Yucatan State, the University of Miami Center for Computational Science (UMCCS), and Heuristic. CCSAM in Yucatán does this by bringing together researchers, educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs from across Mexico, the United States, and Latin America to seek funding, and to initiate new translational projects. Translational projects are intended to produce tangible benefits for all CCSAM partners through the creation of new technologies, community resources, commercial services and products, and educational curricula.





The University of Miami Center for Computational Science (UMCCS) establishes nationally and internationally recognized research programs, focusing on those of an interdisciplinary nature, to solve the complex technological problems of modern society. UMCCS provides the framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities across the University and beyond, and strives for excellence in research, teaching, and service, covering the fundamental, as well as applied aspects of computational science.

The mission of UMCCS is to achieve national and international prominence by providing outstanding education and research opportunities to faculty, students, staff, and partners.

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About Yucatan

Yucatan State is geographically located within the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico. Its integration of Mexico’s most productive cities (Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey) with Central America, Caribbean countries, and Miami contribute to Yucatan’s key position in the country. Yucatan has historically been a hub of the Yucatan Peninsula for distribution of goods and products to the States of Campeche and Quintana Roo.

Since 2012, the Yucatan Government has made a big effort investing in new infrastructure and providing funds for companies in both public and private sectors, to position itself as Mexico´s leading research and development (“R&D”) hub, specifically within the area of Information and Commu-nication Technology.

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About Heuristic

Parque Científico Tecnológico de Yucatán (PCTY) in Yucatan was created to shelter institutions and enterprises dedicated solely to technology development and innovation. Within PCTY and in partnership with the regional chapter of the Information Technology Chamber of Commerce (CANIETI), the Yucatan Government has funded and built Heuristic, an Information Technology Development cluster, with the main objective of creating the right environment for IT companies to strengthen their capacity for innovation. The mission of Heuristic is to launch the integration and competitiveness in the field of information technology and communication in Yucatan State.

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